Belt Type Filter Press

  • ZYL Series Belt Type Press Filter Machine

    ZYL Series Belt Type Press Filter Machine

    This equipment is the latest generation of patented dehydration equipment developed and produced by our company by introducing, digesting and absorbing Finland’s advanced technology. It has the advantages of large processing capacity, high dehydration efficiency (from 0. – 83% to more than 283-5%) and low energy consumption. It not only solves the problem of material running when the traditional ordinary double mesh filter press dehydrates raw materials, At the same time, it also solves the problem of low material pressure at both ends of the net. Because the latest model has a pre dewatering net, the natural gravity dewatering area of sludge is lengthened, the Internet is not squeezed, and the mesh is not easy to be blocked by fiber and sludge.

  • ZB(X) Board Frame Type Sludge Filter Press

    ZB(X) Board Frame Type Sludge Filter Press

    The reducer is driven by the motor, and the pressing plate is pushed by the transmission parts to press the filter plate. The compression screw and fixed nut are designed with reliable self-locking screw angle, which can ensure the reliability and stability during compression. Automatic control is realized by motor comprehensive protector. It can protect the motor from overheating and overload.

  • Belt Type Filter Press

    Belt Type Filter Press

    Sludge Dewatering Belt Filter Press Machine  is a kind of dewatering machine developed on the basis of advanced foreign technology. It features large treating capacity, high dewatering capacity and long life time. As a part in waste water treatment system, it is used for dewatering of suspended particles and residue after treated so as to avoid secondary pollution. It is also applicable for treatment of thickner concentration and black liquor extraction.

  • ZDL stacked spiral sludge dewatering machine

    ZDL stacked spiral sludge dewatering machine

    ZDL  Sludge dewatering machine set automatic control cabinet ,flocculation conditioning tank ,sludge thickening and dewatering body and a collecting tank and integration ,can be in automatic operation conditions, to achiece efficient flocculation ,and continuously complete sludge thickening and dewatering work ,will eventually collected filtrate recirculation or discharge.