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XGL high efficiency fiber ball filter is a new energy-saving water processor developed after years of practice by introducing deep filtration technology. Compared with the traditional granular filter material, it has the advantages of good elastic effect, no floating surface, large gap, long working cycle and small head loss. In the filtration process, the gap of the filter layer gradually becomes smaller along the water flow direction, which is more in line with the ideal gap distribution of the filter material from top to bottom. It has high efficiency, fast filtration speed (30-04mh /), large sewage interception capacity, good filtration effect, renewable and more complete regeneration.



High efficiency fiber ball filter can effectively remove suspended solids in water, and has obvious removal effect on organic matter, colloid, iron and manganese in water. It is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, textile, food, beverage, automobile, boiler, aquaculture, industrial and domestic sewage treatment. It can be used as pretreatment of reverse osmosis, ion exchange and electrodialysis, and also as advanced treatment after biochemical treatment of sewage, so that the filtered water can meet the requirements of reuse.

Technique Parameter

Mode Processing
volume(m/ h)
Power(kW) a water filter
Ba ckwosh
b water filter
cexhaust filfering
xGL-800 15 4 DN50 DN50 DN25 0.502 3.2
xGL -1000 20 4 DN65 DN65 DN32 0.785 3
xGL-1200 30 4 DN80 DN80 DN32 1.131 3.2
xGL - 1600 60 5.5 DN100 DN100 DN32 2.011 3.8
xGL - 2000 90 11 DN125 DN125 DN32 3.141 4.2
xGL-2400 130 18.5 DN150 DN150 DN40 4.524 4.,4
xGL-2600 160 18.5 DN150 DN150 DN40 5.309 4.5
xGL-2800 180 22 DN200 DN200 DN40 6.158 4.7
xGL -3000 210 22 DN200 DN200 DN40 7.069 4.9

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