Introduction of Rotary Mechanical Grid

Introduction of Rotary Mechanical Grid1

The rotary grid trash remover, also known as the rotary mechanical grille, is a common water treatment solid-liquid separation equipment, which can continuously and automatically remove various shapes of debris in the fluid to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation. It is mainly used for water inlets of urban sewage treatment plant, district sewage pretreatment device, municipal rainwater sewage pump station, water plant, power plant cooling water, etc. At the same time, the rotary mechanical grille can also be widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, food, aquatic products, papermaking, slaughtering, tanning and other industries.

Rotary mechanical grille is mainly composed of driving device, frame, rake chain, cleaning mechanism and electric control box. Pear shaped rake teeth with special shape are arranged on the horizontal axis to form a rake tooth chain, which is assembled into different gaps and installed at the inlet of the pump station or water treatment system. When the driving device drives the rake chain to move from bottom to top, the sundries in the water are picked up by the rake chain, and the liquid flows through the grid gap. After the equipment turns to the top, the rake tooth chain changes direction and moves from top to bottom, and the material falls off the rake tooth by weight. When the rake teeth turn from the reverse side to the bottom, another continuous operation cycle is started to continuously remove the sundries in the water, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

Introduction of Rotary Mechanical Grid3

The rake tooth clearance assembled on the rake tooth chain shaft can be selected according to the service conditions. When the rake teeth separate the suspended solids in the fluid, the whole working process is continuous or intermittent.

The advantages of rotary mechanical grille are high automation, high separation efficiency, low power consumption, no noise, good corrosion resistance, unattended, and overload safety protection device to avoid equipment overload.

The rotary mechanical grille can adjust the equipment operation interval according to users’ needs to achieve regular operation; It can be automatically controlled according to the liquid level difference between the front and back of the grille; It also has manual control function to facilitate maintenance. Users can choose according to different work needs. Because the rotary mechanical grille structure is reasonably designed, and the equipment has strong self-cleaning ability when working, there is no blockage, and the daily maintenance workload is small.

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