Technical advantages Of Stacked Spiral Sludge Dewatering Machine

1、Equipped with special disc pre-concentration device, it is better at treating low concentration sludge

Improve the shortcomings of the existing gravity concentration, realize the high-efficiency concentration of low concentration sludge, complete the flocculation and concentration in an integrated way, reduce the subsequent dehydration pressure, and adjust the inlet sludge concentration to the optimal state of dehydration by combining with the expansion valve
Sludge concentration 2000mg / l-50000mg / L

 2、The movable fixed ring replaces the filter cloth, which is self-cleaning, non clogging and easy to treat oily sludge

Under the rotating action of the screw shaft, the movable plate moves staggered relative to the fixed plate, so as to realize the continuous self-cleaning process and avoid the common blockage problem of the traditional dehydrator. Therefore, it has strong oil resistance, easy separation and no blockage. Moreover, there is no need to add water for high-pressure flushing, which is clean and environment-friendly, no odor and no secondary pollution.

 3、Low speed operation, no noise and low energy consumption, only 1 / 8 of belt machine and 1 / 20 of centrifuge

The stacked screw sludge dehydrator relies on the internal pressure of the volume for dehydration, without the need for large bodies such as rollers, and the operation speed is low, only 2-4 revolutions per minute. Therefore, it is water-saving, energy-saving and low noise. The average energy consumption is 1 / 8 of the belt machine and 1 / 20 of the centrifuge, and its unit power consumption is only 0.01-0.1kwh/kg-ds, which can reduce the operation cost of the sewage treatment system.

4、Reduce capital construction investment cost and improve treatment effect

The stacked screw sludge dehydrator can directly treat the sludge in the aeration tank and secondary sedimentation tank without setting the sludge thickener and sludge storage tank. Therefore, it can reduce the overall investment cost of infrastructure construction, avoid the problem of phosphorus release in the traditional sludge thickener, and improve the dephosphorization function of the sewage treatment system. Save the investment in the construction of structures such as concentration tank and the investment in supporting equipment such as mixer, air compressor and flushing pump. The floor area of the equipment is small, which reduces the civil engineering investment of the dehydration machine room.



Post time: Apr-20-2022