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Bsx rotary decanter is a special mechanical equipment for sewage treatment with displacement from top to bottom to discharge the supernatant. It can decant the treated supernatant water from the surface in the drainage stage. It is the key equipment of SBR process. It can also be installed in the "regulating sedimentation tank" to enter the precipitated upper clean water into the reaction tank at a constant flow, so as to achieve the purpose of stable treatment effect.

It is widely used in the treatment of urban sewage and various industrial wastewater such as papermaking, beer, tanning, pharmaceutical and so on.


Working Principle

Bsx rotary decanter is composed of decanting device, skimming buoy device, slewing bearing, transmission device and sliding bearing. After the driving mechanism drops from the idle starting position to the water surface at a constant rate according to a certain speed ratio, under the guidance and traction of the sliding support, move the decanting device and the weir mouth downward, and continuously discharge the supernatant in the reaction tank from the weir mouth to the outside of the tank through the carrier pipe until the design water level depth.


1. It has strong adaptability to the change of quality water and water volume, and the decanting depth can reach 3.0m.

2. The carrier pipe is made of anti-corrosion material with good corrosion resistance and sensitive and reliable action.

3. The return bearing adopts automatic fine adjustment device, high efficiency and low resistance seal, reliable seal, automatic centering, flexible rotation and less energy consumption.

4. Scum baffle is set at the outlet of water decanting weir mouth, and the equipment ensures that the effluent quality reaches the best state and the liquid level under the weir mouth is not disturbed during operation.

5. The whole structure has the advantages of convenient installation, simple operation and management, low operation cost and safe and reliable operation.

6. Frequency speed regulation for mining transformer and PLC programmable automatic control or remote control in central control room, with high degree of automation and convenient operation management.

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